SBDC Digital Marketing & Social Media Conference

 My experience attending SBDC Digital Marketing and Social Media Conference

 May 16, 2024

We started the day with a nice welcome from the event staff, they were very friendly, the room was nicely set up and we received a folder with the agenda and additional information as well as a name tag making it easy to remember everyone's names.

The first presenter was Terra Fletcher who talked about How to Attract Talent and Improve Your Employer Brand Online, definitely this was an eye opener for me because I did not realize the importance of this subject and focus on branding to get the right talent for my organization is key. I am planning to do audits more often and make sure all platforms are aligned with each other. Terra's presentation was very interactive and fun because it helped the participants to get to know each other.

The second presenters were a team from Think in Prompts and they talked about The AI Advantage, this was totally new for me. I was amazed at how technology is developing and how much digital marketing work can be done in seconds. It is an interesting topic that I will continue looking into.

Then it was lunch time where we were able to chat a bit more with the presenters and ask some questions.

The third group of presenters were from Story First Media and they talked about how your business narrative can build your team. Storytelling is very powerful and can benefit your organization in many aspects, also can help you to connect better with your community. I enjoyed writing about the meaningful Business Moment activity.

The last presenter was Eagan Heath and he talked about Understand, Prepare and Update SEO for the Age of AI, his presentation was super fun and interactive, he discussed how SEO works and all the tools you can use to rank number one on Google search. He shared tools that he personally uses on his business social media platforms and explained how to most efficiently use AI.

 Overall, I can say the event was very educational, informative, and fun for me. I met nice people, learned a lot of new tools and resources, and made connections with other small business owners and professionals.

I have already implemented some of the tools in my work place and have seen growth.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Social Media Breakfast Madison for the opportunity.


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